Sinus congestion not alleviated by decongestants or allergy medicine

My sinuses have been clogged up for about a month now. Anything I take for it doesn't seem to help at all. I've tried stuff for allergies, stuff for colds, stuff you spray up your nose.... nothing helps.

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Not a doc myself but here's a link to what could possibly be causing it: [Rhinitis medicamentosa.]( Basically, your body could be getting temporary relief from sprays and OTC meds but they are actually causing your problems.

I went through this recently. I had persistent allergy symptoms and was using nasal sprays and 24 hr Claritin D every day (the stuff you have to take the tab to the pharmacy window and show your ID to buy) and it worked very well but I had to take it every single day, was using it for almost a year. Found out much later that not only was it most likely causing my congestion but also my persistent insomnia issues as well. It took about a week or so to feel better after stopping usage but for that week I was more stuffed up than ever.

Now when I get stuffed up I use a saline wash netty pot in the shower. But I am still prone to sinus infections and get them about every few months. For those I go to my doc and get antibiotics and meds to dry out my mucous membranes and it goes away after a few days.

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Thanks! I'll try giving everything a break and see what happens. I have also been experiencing insomnia so this might be it!

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If all of the above has not worked, it might be time to see an ENT. They can go in and clean it out.

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