I have a lump on the right side of my neck the size of a pea which is very sensitive, and some kind of rash/bite on my neck/jaw.. Could they be connected? Pics inside


I've been on vacation for a couple of days and I just got back, during my vacation I developed these itching spots on my neck/jaw and I don't know how I got them.
Then when i got home I noticed the bump on the right side of my neck.

I'm 18 years old, have been outside and swimming a lot during this week so maybe something happened during this time?
I really don't like the lump it's quite painful, and the rash on my jaw is is weird, I think it's infected or something.

Anyone know what this could be? Any help appreciated!

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The username should have given it away. </dumb American doesn't know what Swedish looks like>

Anyway, I can't help. I would guess a reaction to some sort of plant or a spider bite but I know nothing about Swedish flora or fauna.

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Might help to know where you were vacationing?

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