Is this diabetes or a deficiency in something?

I am having a lot of random symptoms and would like some advice. I plan to see my doctor as soon as she can fit me in but am looking for some advice to what on earth these could mean. I have been very fatigued for a few months. This varies from mild to severe. I also get dizzy from time to time and have (and I am sure about this) quite a bit of kidney pain especially when my bladder is full. My urine is completely normal. I feel nauseous off and on and in just the last week have been having heart palpitations. The palpitations are random and quite quick. For just a few seconds my heart feels very floppy as if it is trying to pump and can't and then poof back to normal. I am asthmatic and have an inhaler I use on average once or twice a week. I am on birth control (sprintec). I take a vitamin d pill almost every day and usually a Claritin. I am not looking for a diagnosis just an idea of what path to look down. I am worried about my kidneys and have a bad family history with diabetes. Should I try to monitor my blood sugar or is this overboard. I am trying to get into my GP but she is booked. I just don't know of I am over concerned or if I should try to see a Dr. ASAP.

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Stop the vitamin D pills and see if this improves your symptoms. You still need to be checked up on. Heart palpitations can be quite serious.

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