Chest pain in the morning

Hello, I've been having some chest pains when I've woken up. It's been in the morning, and the it disappears after some time upright, tho it is still uncomfortable for a while when walking around.

It began a couple of weeks ago. I was on vacation in italy with my family, and from day 1 it started. I assumed it was a bad bed, and looked forward to the next hotel we would go to after the first week, but that didn't change anything, even my own bed at home isn't any better. It seems that the longer I sleep the worse it gets, so it seems that it has something to do with laying down for extended periods of time.

One might start to think of my size by now, but I actually lost 5kg's on said vacation, and didn't have these problems prior to my vacation.

One thing does spring to mind, is my older brother (well half-brother, but meh) who has been diagnosed with a very rare disease where his liver and lung doesn't heal, and therefore if he doesn't go light on them, they get worse. (he's lived 1 year in china with work, and that gave him some lung pains) I however find it very unlikely that I have this, as both parents need to carry the illness and even then theres only 1/4 a chance to get it, and he and I have different mothers.

It's not that big of an issue, it's just more of an annoyance, but I'm curious as to what it could be?

tl;dr: Chest pains in the morning, thinking lungs, older brother has very rare disease that involves lungs but it's unlikely that that is it.

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