23 year old female experiencing sharp chest pain.

For the past couple of months I've been experiencing horrible chest pain when I lay down on my left side. I didn't think anything of it because I would just roll over and the pain would subside. As of late, it's hard to find any position comfortable, as the pain has now spread to the center and right side of my chest. It also hurts when I take deep breaths or twist my body from left to right. My dad said it sounded like a pinched nerve but I wanted to get a second opinion.

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The information u have provided is inadequate and a complete examination of the chest and abdomen by a doctor is required before anyone can arrive at an initial diagnosis !! It could be gastritis , do u have relief when u take antacids ? It could be something to do with the lung since u have pain when u take deep breaths !! anyways , A doctor needs to perform a thorough examination before any kind of assumptions can be made in this case !

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