Question about ringing in my ears.

Last night, about 24 hours ago, one of my friends lit a small firework next to me and the fuse was tangled, leading it to going off faster than it was supposed to. The firework went off in my friends' hand and made a very loud bang (he wasn't injured). I couldn't hear for a couple of seconds afterward, but now the only side effect is ringing in my ears that I can hear when in a silent room. Will this wear off soon, or should I be a bit more worried?

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In my experience, it can go away most of the time on its own while your ear "readjusts" itself. I have also seen it takes even up to a week of constant ringing and it drove my friend crazy. I would try to get it checked out with a doctor just in case b/c hearing is rather precious. I doubt there may be much to do, but just in case there is an infection brewing in there, you can prevent complications.

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