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I am 23/f. The only medication I am on is birth control (Gildess FE 1/20). Any help to get my vagina back to normal would be VERY much appreciated.

In April I went to the Gyno for a yellow discharge and slight fishy odor. My main doctor was not available so I saw a PA. She took a culture and told me it looked like BV. She asked if I had a new partner recently and I said yes back in March I became sexually active with a new boyfriend. This is when my problems started occurring. She didn't think it was an STD but I asked to get tested regardless. The culture came back positive for BV and the STD test came back negative for everything.

She prescribed me some tablets to take over a 2 day period that I cannot remember the name of. There was no change from taking these so she prescribed metro gel to use every night for 5 nights. This helped a bit, but I got a yeast infection as is common after using this. So she prescribed 2 fluconazole tablets to take over 2 days to get rid of the yeast infection. The yeast infection went away but just a few days later the yellow discharge returned.

I went in the office again and saw my regular doctor. She took another culture (came back P for BV) and prescribed me metro gel for 10 days and went ahead and gave me the fluconazole tablets for the yeast infection that would occur after. A few days after finishing this the yellow discharge returned. (Those few days it was gone was absolute heaven)

I emailed the doctor and she prescribed 500mg Metro tablets to take every 12 hours for 7 days. I am on the last day of this and the discharge has been constant throughout. So I know I will have to go back in.

Is there any hope?!?

Other things I have done to try to get rid of this...
*I have changed all panties to 100% cotton
*I changed soap to Dove
*I have made sure I am washing properly (just washing the lips)
*I stopped taking as many baths (I shower typically 2X a day)
*Started drinking more water
*Started eating a cleaner diet and lost some weight
*Started taking vitamins (D, B, C, some days I will only take a multi)
*I started eating yogurt every morning
*I started taking a probiotic
*I tried taking Pro-B probiotic for vaginal health but saw no change and it's expensive so I didn't buy another bottle.
*I've started exercising more (I'm not as good about this one)
*I make sure my partner and I are clean before we have intercourse which has of course been rare since this started. (We don't use condoms as I am on BC he also pulls out as to not disrupt my ph)

I am very scared this isn't going to go away. **I feel absolutely disgusting!** Should I get tested for STD's again? They seem to only be prescribing the one drug. Is this the only one available for this problem? Are there any other steps I can take for vaginal health? I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

Thank you in advance!

I'm posting this for a second time because the first didn't show up even after 2 hours.

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I'm nearing 7 months now :( I don't drink coffee and have been taking the cold probiotics (tried different kinds) for months now. They just gave me metronidazole to use for 10 days then twice a week for 2 months. They said this has been proven to wipe out recurrent BV. I soo hope this works. I unfortunately need to be on hormonal BC. I have really heavy periods, acne, and some embarrassing hair growth which the gyno said sounds like PCOS and the treatment is to be on hormonal BC and since starting BC all of those symptoms are gone. I'm not sure which is worse >.<

Glad to know I'm not alone!

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From my OB/Gyn rotation I learned that the vagina is a very precarious environment and anything that may skew it in one direction will cause an overgrowth of a different organism. A lot of the things you listed are good things to try to get the environment of your vagina stabilized, but I'm more curious as to what caused it in the first place. From my understanding it was the new BF correct? My BIGGEST question to you is has he been treated with the metronidazole also? Your partner MUST be treated in cases of BV as he may be an asymptomatic carrier. You can keep treating yourself with the metro (and it seems to work as you have had periods of clarity), but it will keep coming back. Metronidazole and clindamycin are the two drugs most commonly used for BV, so your doctor is right on track. If he has not been treated yet, please start there. Keep us updated on your progress and goodluck.

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That was the first question I asked. Both doctors said my partner cannot contract BV and therefore shouldn't be treated. I've done research online and have seen conflicting opinions. I am definitely being more adamant when I see her next. What could it hurt to try to treat him as well?

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Your doctors are not correct in saying your male partner can not contract BV, BUT what they might be inferring is the conflicting studies you are talking about. It is true that ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gyn) and AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) have guidelines that state ROUTINE treatment of male partner is unnecessary secondary to these studies you are talking about. It should be mentioned though that many of the studies were poorly executed studies and further research is being done on the matter. Your doctors are very correct though to continue just treating you based on thinking it is recurrent BV as this occurs in up to 30% of women within the first 3 months of initial treatment and up to 50% of woman within a year of initial treatment (you are well within the recurrent range). However, I have came across multitude of questions regarding BV while studying for my USMLE Step 2 exam (medical licensing) and the answer is to always treat BOTH the female and male with metronidazole. I'm just going off of what they are teaching and testing 3rd/4th year medical students across the United States.

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