Battling BV

I am 23/f. The only medication I am on is birth control (Gildess FE 1/20). Any help to get my vagina back to normal would be VERY much appreciated.

In April I went to the Gyno for a yellow discharge and slight fishy odor. My main doctor was not available so I saw a PA. She took a culture and told me it looked like BV. She asked if I had a new partner recently and I said yes back in March I became sexually active with a new boyfriend. This is when my problems started occurring. She didn't think it was an STD but I asked to get tested regardless. The culture came back positive for BV and the STD test came back negative for everything.

She prescribed me some tablets to take over a 2 day period that I cannot remember the name of. There was no change from taking these so she prescribed metro gel to use every night for 5 nights. This helped a bit, but I got a yeast infection as is common after using this. So she prescribed 2 fluconazole tablets to take over 2 days to get rid of the yeast infection. The yeast infection went away but just a few days later the yellow discharge returned.

I went in the office again and saw my regular doctor. She took another culture (came back P for BV) and prescribed me metro gel for 10 days and went ahead and gave me the fluconazole tablets for the yeast infection that would occur after. A few days after finishing this the yellow discharge returned. (Those few days it was gone was absolute heaven)

I emailed the doctor and she prescribed 500mg Metro tablets to take every 12 hours for 7 days. I am on the last day of this and the discharge has been constant throughout. So I know I will have to go back in.

Is there any hope?!?

Other things I have done to try to get rid of this...

*I have changed all panties to 100% cotton

*I changed soap to Dove

*I have made sure I am washing properly (just washing the lips)

*I stopped taking as many baths (I shower typically 2X a day)

*Started drinking more water

*Started eating a cleaner diet and lost some weight

*Started taking vitamins (D, B, C, some days I will only take a multi)

*I started eating yogurt every morning

*I started taking a probiotic

*I tried taking Pro-B probiotic for vaginal health but saw no change and it's expensive so I didn't buy another bottle.

*I've started exercising more (I'm not as good about this one)

*I make sure my partner and I are clean before we have intercourse which has of course been rare since this started. (We don't use condoms as I am on BC he also pulls out as to not disrupt my ph)

I am very scared this isn't going to go away. **I feel absolutely disgusting!** Should I get tested for STD's again? They seem to only be prescribing the one drug. Is this the only one available for this problem? Are there any other steps I can take for vaginal health? I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

Thank you in advance!

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