neck pain after wake boarding...webmd said cancer :(

I went wake boarding yesterday night and woke up with my abdomen (6/10), shoulders (4/10), and neck sore (3/10). I figured I was just sore, popped 3 Advil and went about my day. As the day progressed, my neck got more sore.

At 26 hours I was eating chips and went to pore the bag with my head back. Leaning my head back, I went from a 6/10 to a 8.5/10 with a 5/10 headache. I have iced it for 20 minutes now and it has subsided to a 7/10.

TL; DR - Went wakeboarding, landed on head, neck hurts day after.
Should I freak out?

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Did you lose consciousness at all? I would suggest getting checked out as your worsening headache could really be nothing at all.... or it could be a subdural hematoma building in your head status post landing on your head. Again, trauma cases are hard to discuss as the kinetics and mechanism of your injury makes it difficult to assess.

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