Hyper Extended Elbow... How long to recover?

Hey guys, just learned about your sub, hopefully it's great!

Anyways July 1st, 2013, i got into a wicked BMX accident and Hyper extended my right elbow. So far its awesome, i have tons of movement, but some parts of my forearm and elbow are just so tight. i still don't have 100% flexibility.

1. How long should it take to FULLY heal?
2. Is there a chance of permanently losing some flexibility?

Thanks guys!

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n.b. I'm not a doctor (are lay people allowed to answer?)

It's a pretty common injury over in /r/bjj so you might want to ask them too (but we tend to train around and through them)

It sounds like it might not be too bad, I'd estimate a couple of weeks for the ROM to improve and pain to subside. It'd say 2 months to fully heal. I did have one instance of my arm being hyper-extended, it was very painful and I could barely drive. Got home, iced and ibuprofened it, and the next day I had no pain at all, it was as though it had been fixed. My other arm took a few weeks to feel normal though.

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Thank you!

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