Rash on back of head and neck. Lump on neck. Cold like symptoms

The back of my neck and head started itching about five days ago. The itching spread down the back of my head and down to my right shoulder over the next couple days. It also kind of burns now. Also two lumps have appeared on my head where my finger tips are in the pic. The lower lump seems to be about where the itching started. The rash on my shoulder has only really shown up in the last 48 hours and mostly in the last 24. I also developed what feels like a headcold today but I don't know if that is related. The lump on my neck showed up today as well. Seems more like a swollen gland.


Also I have no known allergies. Please help. I'm getting worried that it's only been getting worse for 5 days+

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Image is down... Were you still wondering what's going on?

Have you gotten a haircut recently or used someone else's comb, by any chance?

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