I have a rash covering the exact area where my scrotum touches the inside of my thigh, could it be anything other than chafing?

- the rash is extremely itchy
- there is a distinct border between the rash and unaffected skin
- it's icky and ugly and I want it to go away.
- there is no chance it is an STD/ STI

What could it be? how do I fix it?

edit: also I'm not sure but I think around the time the rash started, my scrotum tightened

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It could be just a simple sweat rash /chafing caused by the hot weather we've been having lately, and you can treat that with some baby powder to keep the area dry / washing more frequently.

But it also could be tinea cruris (jock itch), which is a fungal infection and requires topical antifungals.

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thank you very much.

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