Neck stiffness and head pressure

I've had the head pressure for a week now. Basically, I feel a tightness around my head (temples, eyes, above the nose, back of the head, neck, etc.) and now I've got a stiff neck. It's kind of off and on. I thought it might be my sinuses since I woke up with it Sunday morning. I'm in an old dorm building with a window AC, so I decided to take Allegra which hasn't really done much. Basically, the head pressure/tightness and neck stiffness are my only symptoms. I'm still able to think clearly, etc.

It hasn't gotten substantially worse or anything. I do tend to get anxious and I've had panic attacks in the past which makes me think it might all be in my head. I'm an intern and I love my job - which is why I hope this is nothing. I also don't really have time to get checked out unless it's actually an emergency.

If this were anything serious, wouldn't more symptoms appear?


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