Boyfriend has nausea just from smelling foods or driving

I have been with my boyfriend for about 5 years now. He's always been a picky eater and a little anxious since I've known him. Lately he has been having an increase in health problems that aren't seemingly related. He's been to the doctor, but the doc only prescribes pills for the individual symptoms instead of the overall possible problem it could be.

It all started with him getting sick while we would go out to eat anywhere that is indoors, or anywhere you could smell food cooking at all. For some reason, he gets sick every time he goes to a restaurant and can't even eat his food unless he takes it in a to-go box and eats it at home. He then started to get sick even sitting at a McDonald's drive through window where he could smell the food cooking, even if it was just for a moment, when they would pop open the window and close it again.

It has now gotten to the point where he cannot even get into his car anymore to drive without getting nauseous. This is where it gets tricky, because that makes it seem like it's now an anxiety disorder.

He had a panic attack while driving home with me one day from the store. We were driving home because he was feeling nauseous again. I think the panic attack was triggered by him being afraid of throwing up in the car or having to stop to throw up from being nauseous. He hates throwing up with a passion. We called an ambulance because it looked like he was almost having a seizure. They checked his blood pressure, sugars, all that and they were stable. They gave him pills to calm his nerves temporarily/when he needed it. This panic attack left him out of whack for at least a week. He is still a little iffy. This is now the main reason why he cannot drive without becoming sick anymore. He actually scares himself into becoming sick while driving now.

All these symptoms really confuse me because it now seems that he developed an anxiety disorder out of this whole situation. He hasn't driven anywhere since the panic attack, and when he tries he has to turn back around because he gets sick.

I have figured out he most likely has a gluten intolerance for the most part, we tracked what he had been eating for a while and noticed patterns in what made him sick and what didn't. Beer most of all now makes him sick. He cannot drink it. Any processed foods, or food from restaurants make him sick whether eaten at home or at site. We started eating gluten free in case that might be the main problem, but his symptoms still persist.

He is very stressed out about all this and it's quite confusing. Anybody have any input on what this could be?

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