Had a friend who was tested for ulsers. Help please

Hey guys not sure if im in the right subreddit but im gonna try here. I have a friend who would get stomach aches constantly after everything they ate. They went to a whole bunch of doctors and couldnt't find anything, so they decided to get her tested for ulsers. Well after the test (very recently) I guess something very bad was found. But her family hasnt told her anything yet and I am very worried. Could anyone tell me if it may be ulsers or something else? I know stress can sometimes cause ulsers. This person did have alot of stress on their back. They were extremely stressed with school in all honors and trying to get straight A's, and keeping up with sports. On top of that, her dad also has Brain Cancer. If anyone thinks they can help please reply thanks.
Update: I was just told that she has Crohn's Disease. Now I am really worried. I know a little bit about the Disease. But, can it be fatal? Can someone tell me how I can help her? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

Edit: Crohn's*
I am going to remove this post within the next few days.

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