Period problems first it didn't come for six months now it won't stop (it's been three months)

I went off birth control in November after being on it from July of the same year. I went off medication for depression in March. I had no period from November of 2012 till April of 2013. I have had my hormones tested and everything is fine according to my doc. My ultra sound showed nothing to worry about, no thickened uterine lining and no fibroids or cysts. My iron level as of one month ago was fine. It started in April as daily spotting but then it started to get heavier and heavier. I now soak through a pad every 1-3 hours and I passed a clot about the size of quail egg earlier. It is very bright red and the clots are becoming more frequent. Until this past week I had no cramps now they are so bad I hunch over and hug my knees. I have an appointment with a gyno on Tuesday and my medical is free as well I have extended medical for prescriptions through work. What should I ask the gyno about that I might not think of? At this point it is affecting my relationship with my fiancee. We were planning on trying for kids this year and I am worried I will find out I'm broken. He just doesn't get it. I obviously have zero sex drive as well which doesn't help. They keep saying it may be PCOS but I have no cysts and prior to this and birth control a completely regular cycle and sex drive. I just want it to stop and my regular cycle to come back. I had to try a wedding dress on with a pad the size of a flotation device. I'm at my wits end.

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