Fainted the other night... should I be worried?

So background info first: I'm 21 y/o male, 170lbs, athletic and in good shape. No real past medical history.

So the other night I was out drinking with my apartmentmates. We got drunk before we left and went out to a bar. I had one beer while I was there. This was, by no means, a very drunk night for me - I probably had 8 beers over the course of 4 or 5 hours.

At about 2:00, we hit the McDonalds down the block and were planning on going to another place afterwards (bars close at 3am here). I was feeling fine - we each got some McNuggets and as I was eating them, I started feeling a little lightheaded. A couple minutes later, my vision just tunnel vision-ed to black. I stood there for a few seconds, rather alarmed, before I was like "guys fuck I can't see anything." Next thing I know, I woke up slumped down against the wall and people were standing around me. I got up and found a seat and we sat down (after a thoughtful "keep an eye on him" from the security guard) and we got a cab home and I was fine for the rest of the night. I was really sweaty after it happened but that went away within like 20 mins.

I have no idea how this happened. I ate breakfast lunch and dinner. I remember everything, except for the 1-2 minutes between when I couldn't see and when I woke up on the floor. The only thing that I could possibly think it could be is dehydration, because I didn't have much to drink all day. But I thought that the dehydration effect of alcohol took a little longer to sink in since I'd had a lot of fluids and my urine wasn't bright yellow or anything. Again, I wasn't that drunk. I've been much more intoxicated, and nothing like this has ever happened.

TLDR: Passed out for seemingly no reason. WebMD seems to think I might have MS, but that seems unlikely so I figured I'd ask.

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Lol'd at the webMD diagnosis. Nothing to worry about, if you had a lot to drink then you are bound to faint. Just drink a lot of water today.

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Uhhh I agree... nothing about your background even fits MS demographics (F, 30's-40's, episodes of neurological problems varying from weakness, sensory, to cognitive problems over the course of a long period of time). I'd just be more careful of monitoring if anyone put anything in your drink while you were out. - 4th year med student w/ lots of personal experience =P

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