Long lasting red bumps on fingers/knuckles.

Here they are: http://imgur.com/a/0mCz0

So, for a very long time, at least ten years (I'm 27 now), I've had a set of red marks on my left long finger. I've always kind of expected them to just go away, as I was once told they were some kind of wart that would heal. But they haven't gone away and instead they seem to have been multiplying and spreading over my left hand the past few years. The last week or so I've had them itch a lot (I've had exceptionally dry hands this summer), so I was figuring that either I should start treating them with something (since I was told warts once upon a time, I thought I'd try the treatments that are available wit formic acid).

Thing is, whenever I look up "warts" online, they look nothing like what I have. All the examples are of white course bumps that grow upwards. Mine are red, fairly flat, and smooth. When my skin is dry they can flake, but not necessarily. They're also seemingly permanent, they don't come and go.

So, House me.

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I searched for "red bumps on knuckles" hoping someone would have what I have, I found you, but I see there are no other comments with more info. I have exactly the same thing but on both hands, but just on my knuckles. I started getting them a couple of years ago. They did start after I had a wart on the top of my left hand, so I assumed that they were some kind of wart. However, like you said, they look nothing like warts! I've tried web md and just googling but have found nothing. I haven't wasted a trip to the doctor (or the money) because they don't do anything, they're just there. Sometimes I notice I'll have a new one, sometimes they are a little redder than normal, but that's it. They don't hurt. Mine also itch sometimes but not a lot, just a little irritant. I don't know, I'm sorry I have no answers for you. I'm just glad I'm not the only one.

Here's my hands

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