Difficulty with Cardio Exercises - Short of Breath

So I've been dealing with this 'condition' my entire life and have yet to get any sort of idea about what is wrong. I'm 32 male, non-smoker, 5'9" 155lbs - not physically 'fit' but fairly active. I have NEVER been able to do any sort out cardio activity without severe discomfort and difficulty.

When I attempt to do cardio anywhere above a fast walk, bike hard, etc I get very short of breath, heartrate jumps significantly, and I have a tightness/cold pain in my throat, and eventually a cramp (runner's stitch?) in my left side, just below my ribs.

I've seen a Dr. about asthma, tried Albuterol, Singulair, OTC asthma meds (ephedrine/guaifensin), done a PF test, blood tests, heart echo - everything short of a pulmonary stress test, and have gotten no relief from this. The unofficial diagnosis was Exercise-induced bronchospasm, but the medications don't do much good and the albuterol just makes me kinda speedy. I have never gotten a traditional asthma attack and have never carried a rescue inhaler.

I'm desperate to get in better shape / be more active. I love to ride bikes and be outside, but this is crippling me. I attempted to do Couch-to-5K and washed out after 4 weeks redoing week 2.

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