Sternum Pain when sneezing and beau lines on my big toe. Enough to see a doctor?

> Male, 22, 5"11, average weight

> Duration: Chest Pains - about 5 months, Beau Lines - I don't know

Whenever I sneeze I get a sharp pain in the centre of my upper chest which lasts for a few minutes. The pain feels pretty intense when it happens and it takes me a good moment to fully recover from it.
It doesn't happen with every single sneeze, it's mostly with the more harsher sneezes.

I have also just found Beau Lines on my big right toe. I especially notice them when I run my finger along my nail and I can feel the ridges.
My girlfriend told me that she noticed one ridge months ago but didn't mention it to me. There appears to be 2 or 3 now.

I honestly don't want to seem like an idiot to a doctor if these are nothing to worry about.

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Are you sure it's a beau line? Beau lines are across ALL the fingers/ toes, not just one of them. A ridge on a big toe is probably just from previous trauma, like having stubbed it once in the middle of the night that you forgot about a long time ago.

Also, if the pain has not been constant for 5 months, and it only happens once in a while when you harshly sneeze, I think that's fairly normal. It's probably just a muscle spasm along the ribs.

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