x-post from /r/health- 3 yo female hasn't eaten or drank in almost a week- nobody knows why- pediatrics knowledge?

my niece just turned 3 this past sunday. she spent the day in the hospital. she hasn't eaten or drank anything since last thursday. she will ask for something to eat or drink, accept it, and then set it aside "for when she's less full." she's been on IV fluids to counteract dehydration- she was off for 4 hours transferring between hospitals and showed signs by the time she was hooked back up (frothing, lethargy, etc). she was given a suppository on friday to loosen things up, nothing happened. she has had a ct scan of her abdomen, and they saw something but a later scoping showed nothing. she had an mri of her chest- nothing. she had an upper GI scoping- nothing. her blood work is normal, except low sodium bicarb or CO2 (can't remember which). she lost 5 pounds and gained almost all of it back. no fever, and she's chipper when she isn't sedated for tests or screaming because she wants to go home. she'll be getting an mri of her head tomorrow to check brain function, and they're also considering psychological issues. there was a vague idea of seized/frozen colon issues.

this hasn't been progressive- she's always had a healthy appetite. she simply ate a meal and then didn't want the next one, or any afterwards, because she "is full."

mri of her head has come back clean. maybe celiac disease? i don't know much about it but a little research yielded lots of forms and symptoms, including constipation and bloating- she isn't visually bloated but it might account for the "full" feeling. also, it can present super young and even as fast as overnight. any ideas? similar cases? referential information is very much welcome.

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