Mystery throat cramp. Can you help identify?

Hey there, I have a mysterious condition that I've tried researching for a while and come up blank. Anyone out there with knowledge would be very appreciated. It's very specific, so I'm hoping it will be easy to diagnose.

Occasionally when I eat I get a big cramp in my throat right around my adam's apple.

It usually occurs when I first start eating a thick, food. Like a burrito, or a chicken sandwich. Other times, it's a food I know is going to be especially delicious. Like the other day it happened with just bacon and eggs.

It's not constant, and doesn't always happen with every meal.

When the cramp is happening, I can breathe and talk fine, it just feels like there's a charlie horse in my throat. So here's the other weird part. I start producing a TON of saliva. Usually after 4-5 minutes, it stops and everything is normal again. I'm in good health otherwise, weight is normal and I'm not on any other meds.

Any ideas? Anyone have similar symptoms?

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I believe this could be an esophageal dysmotility disorder, but that would be just a guess. The symptoms you are describing could be pointing to several things, all of which need to be evaluated properly. My suggestion would be for you to go see your family doctor and have him refer you to a Gastroenterologist. You need an swallow study and possibly an EGD to be safe. Don't take this lightly, better safe than sorry.

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Great advice I'll schedule something soon. Thanks for responding.

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