It hurts to get out of bed. Or do anything.

Hi there. 24 year old Caucasian female here. 5'7", 125lbs, thought up until now I was fairly healthy. I'm currently taking 20mg of Citalopram nightly for my anxiety/slight OCD.

I'll preface this with saying that I did already go to the doctor this past Monday, the 10th, and I guess I'm not dying, so that's good. But, my visit left me with not many answers and a few extra questions, so in the meantime, I'd like to probe your brains.

About a week and a half ago, maybe two weeks ago, my back started to hurt. I cannot pinpoint a certain time that it started hurting - I didn't lift anything heavy, do anything out of the ordinary, etc. It initially felt like it was in my upper right back, a little bit below my shoulderblade. It started off fairly mild but got worse quickly within the first week of it starting.

On Monday the 3rd, I ended up throwing up that night, just once, (still unknown why, I was hit with some bad stomach cramps that day) and there's a good chance I might have hurt my back more, but I can't remember for sure when the pain got worse, I just know that over the past week, it has. All last week I have been absolutely miserable. When I think about it, the pain feels more like it's in my right side, a little under my armpit around my ribs, and that it goes around into my back. It hurts so bad when I move most ways. The biggest hurdle and the worst pain occurs when I get in and out of bed - finding a comfortable position is impossible, and waking up or moving once I've been laying down is something I now dread. The pain that I'm feeling when I get out of bed is just ridiculous. It's like my muscles get stuck in a weird position all night and when I try to move them the next morning, they get stuck in the wrong spots and this terrible pain occurs, maybe like a spasm? I don't even know, I've never dealt with back pain before.

It hurts on that side to breathe in, it hurts when I cough, sneeze, yawn heavily, or have the hiccups. Basically I hurt. Bad. Intimacy is something I can't even wrap my brain around right now because I know how much it will hurt. I can't stay at work longer than a few hours because of how stiff my side/back gets. This pain is ruining my life!

My doctor said it was probably a sprained/pulled muscle near my ribs and prescribed me 500mg pills of Naproxen and Flexeril for a muscle relaxer. I was also prescribed Prilosec, because after I told her that I burp quite frequently (way more often that I should) and have had a chronic cough for a few months, she thought acid reflux might be affecting me as well.

Mainly, I'm wondering a few things here:

1) How in the world did I hurt myself so badly and what can I do for the pain? When will it go away? Should I be concerned with the extent of the pain?

2) I always google my prescriptions because my anxiety is health-related, mostly, and I worry about drug interactions with my citalopram. Flexeril comes back as a major drug interaction, stating that serotonin syndrome (although very rare, I know) is possible. I'm sure my doctor knows, but, am I safe to take this? Same thing with the Prilosec, it says that it paired with Citalopram can increase the citalopram effects and leave me with some not so desired side effects.

Any other questions, feel free to ask. I'm pretty wordy but I probably left out something important. Thanks!

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Joint pain is a side effect of Citalopram !

Well its supposedly "rare", but I wouldn't rule it out as ssris are known for muscle and joint pain !

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