XRay Analysis - Extreme Pain in Heel

Age - 30
Sex - Male
Height - 6'3"
Weight - 280
Race - White
Location - Orlando, FL

I have had serious pain in my left heel for the past 4-6 months. It is steadily getting increasingly worse. The pain is located just above the bump on the back of my heel, when I press directly on it the pain intensifies greatly. I have seen a general practitioner who ordered this X-ray and he seems to think this is caused by Achilles Tendonitis and has asked that I take ibuprofen for the pain and do daily stretches to attempt to stretch my tendon.

I do notice what looks like a shard of something just above the bump on the back of my ankle. What is that? When the radiologist noticed this he said it looked like a piece of bone had broken off but the doctor does not think so. He says it's calcification.

Anyone care to weigh in? I walk about 5 miles a day(I work for an amusement park) and this is beginning to really affect my general attitude and disposition as I am constantly in pain. The persistent limping is affecting my lower back and causing me further pain.

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[See XRay here](http://imgur.com/I4F4k0Q)

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May I ask why? I've been stretching ever since the pain started. Massaging and stretching it's still occurring. The pain is right on the top of the spur.

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