Need a podiatrist type for foot question.

I bought some basketball shoes on E-Bay and it turns out they're about half a size to a full size too small. They were a great deal and I don't really want to pay the shipping to send 'em back and more shipping for new ones.

Like most people, I can still fit my foot in there, stand up and walk around. I play basketball for about 1-2 hours every other day or so. I'm 30 years old. Yesterday, in the new shoes, this created a mild cold numbness in my feet and after removing the shoes, pain in my toes. The soreness was gone after a few hours, and I imagine the shoes will probably stretch a bit eventually.

My question is whether this is something I should deal with, or if I risk potential long term damage by cramming my toes up in there over time. Again, I'm not wearing them all day every day, and my feet have actually already shrunken in the last few years. That's why I made the mistake of buying them too small. I overestimated how much smaller my feet had gotten.

The pain was like a 2 or a 3 out of 10.

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