Throwing up, and very strange stool

So, here's what I've done yesterday and today, to hopefully see if this helps diagnose me or see what's happening.

woke up at 6:30, showered.
Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch (11:45) - 2 slices of pizza with creamy garlic dipping sauce
Smoked a .35g joint (Zig-Zag Kut corners, no filter) at aprox. 12:30, and a .15g bowl out of a 5 foot acrylic.
Dinner (5:10) - Brown rice and chicken in curry sauce, ate till full, 2 glasses of juice (Minute Maid peach flavour)
Smoked a .3g joint (Zig-Zag Kut corners, no filter)
Two Vanilla yoghurt's (Activia), combined with trail mix (Craisins [raisin made out of cranberries], almonds, and dates)
Smoked a bowl (0.2g) out of 2 foot glass, double tree arm perc.
Went to bed at 11:12

Breakfast - Nothing
Took 120mg of Vyvanse and 1 pill (unknown amount) of ritalin at aprox. 8:18

Threw up at 9:18 aprox. Clear liquid, slightly thick, very light tinge of yellow.
Got a drink, moving made me nauseous, threw up again at 9:24 aprox, much more yellow.

Stool was very strange, seemed like a solid piece broken up. (will post pic later)

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