My eyelashes hurt.

HI askdocs! I hope you can help. My eyelashes hurt sometimes, like as though I had splinters or shards of glass in my I pull them out. It's only intermittent, and I have no visible sx of the usual suspects re: eyelid problems.

I've done tons and tons of research about this over the years (I'm 32), and whether I'm talking to a psychiatrist or a medical practitioner to get help, I always know more than they do; no one knows what to say. I understand that, behaviourally, this is diagnosable as trich' -but the research I've done points toward OCD/ICD spectrum for that dx. Not me; I pull them out cuz they HURT. I've had CBT and BMod in the past, to explore whether it's completely pscychosomatic and behavioural- but to no avail. And SSRIs don't touch it.

I've also noticed that any sort of neck or shoulder tension, a toothache, or any sort of headache- hell, ANY pain from the neck up, seems to kick it into gear. I know a tadbit about referred pain, but when I googled a chart of the nerve endings around our eyes, the nerve paths all go *up,* not down. (So how could the pain 'refer upward?' And even if that *was* the case....WHY?)

Anyhow, my interest in this waxes and wanes, and once in awhile I go on a "research binge".....always fruitless! I've tried hypo-allergenic make-up, no make-up at all, various face washes, etc. Do ya think I'm somatisizing? And if so, why *there?* And if not, maybe it's one of those rare and inexplicable disorders that don't get a lot of credence, like Morgellan's Disease -?

Any insight at all would be appreciated.

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If you are currently seeing a psychiatrist for other somatiform issues this could fall into that category. The only eyelash/eyelid issue I can think of is a stye. My suggestion is next time you have this pain try applying warm compresses to the eye for 15 minutes at a time and see if that offers some relief.

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Not currenty seeing a psych (American w/no insurance!), and this is the only somatiform issue I've ever "presented with." But thank you- I appreciate you taking a moment to reply. I'll try your suggestion and see if it helps. :)

(Just thot of evidence that it really may be somatiform: I recall, a couple years ago, getting creative and ordering some lidocaine 5%. Completely numbed the surface of my lids, yet all the same- didn't *touch* the pain I experience. hmm.....)

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