Numbness in feet and hands.

First time reaching out but i am on day 2 of numbness in my feet and hands.

It started with day 1 waking up and my shins and feet being numb.. i dismissed it as i slept weird or the doge slept on my legs cutting off circulation. I got out and walked around all day thinking it would eventually wear off and it never did.. however my shins returned to normal and just my feet are numb. (On a pins and needles scale where 10 JUST starts to cause pain i would say it is a 6)

Day 2 (today) i woke up and i have some numbness in my fingers.. though it seems to be on and off all day.

I am thinking of heading out to the doctors tomorrow if i am still having issues. I tend to be the type of person to let things get to me and snowball in my head causing stress (thanks webMD) So here i am reaching out to see if anyone could give me some advice on what the problem is and ways i can hopefully treat it.

Other than these symptoms i feel great..

Thank you very much.

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What you are describing is something called glove and stocking neuropathy and it can be a symptom of several things. Most commonly it can point to diabetes, but not knowing your background its hard to know. I definitely suggest going to see your doctor. Something like this that persists for several days should be evaluated by a physician.

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Thank you.. i am terrified. I am setting up an appointment asap.

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