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I have hypertension/pulmonary hypertension. As a consequence, I take several medications for this, including a beta blocker, a calcium channel inhibitor, a diuretic, and, the focus of this question, the ace inhibitor lisinopril.

Additionally, as a consequence, I'm on a sodium restriction. So far, adapting to that hasn't been a big deal, my nutrition label-fu is strong.

However. I notice while shopping for groceries, some items which are advertised as "no salt" or "low sodium," use potassium chloride or a similar salt substitute in place of regular salt.

My understanding on this is that when taking an ace inhibitor, these products should be avoided or only used on the advice of a doctor. So far I have avoided these types of products entirely, as well as salt substitutes. I haven't gotten a particularly clear answer from my doctor on this yet, so what I'm wondering is, can these types of products be consumed at all while on an ace inhibitor?

For example, is using a salt substitute or buying no salt added ketchup that uses a salt substitute as an ingredient ok in moderation, not ok at all, or something else? Thanks.

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I know that restrictive diets can be frustrating. I think the issue with using salt substitutes is the increase in potassium consumption. This question was addressed on the Cleveland Clinic's website, which is a reliable source. Check it out and it should help you answer your question.


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