Always cold, no thyroid problems, heart tracing normal.

I am always cold. My hands and feet are like blocks of ice but in general I'm cold. I always need a coat when other people can just wear T shirts, an just being outside causes me pain. I turn blue.

Someone suggested it coul be because I'm quite skinny, but I'm still in the healthy weight range. Can someone suggest what this is and if there's a cure for it? It's really annoying.

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[Raynaud's]('s_phenomenon), maybe?

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[**Raynaud's phenomenon**]('s%20phenomenon): [^(**NSFW !**)](,%20send%20this%20message%20to%20/r/autowikibot%20after%20replacing%20all%20this%20text%20with%20those%20word/s%20%28keep%20the%20subject%20unchanged%29)



>In [medicine](, **Raynaud's phenomenon** /reɪˈnoʊz/ or **Raynaud phenomenon** is excessively reduced blood flow in response to cold or emotional stress, causing discoloration of the fingers, toes, and occasionally other areas. This condition may also cause nails to become brittle with longitudinal ridges. Named after French physician [Maurice Raynaud]( (1834–1881), the phenomenon is believed to be the result of [vasospasms]( that decrease blood supply to the respective regions.

>Raynaud's phenomenon by itself is just a [sign]( (hypoperfusion) accompanied by a [symptom]( (discomfort). When linked to [pathogenesis](, it can be part of **Raynaud's disease** (also known as **primary Raynaud's phenomenon**), where the cause is unknown, or part of **Raynaud's syndrome** (**secondary Raynaud's phenomenon**), which is a [syndrome]( caused by a known primary disease, most commonly [connective tissue disorders]( such as [systemic lupus erythematosus]( Measurement of hand-temperature gradients is one tool used to distinguish between the primary and secondary forms.

>It is a hyperactivation of the [sympathetic nervous system]( causing extreme [vasoconstriction]( of the peripheral blood vessels, leading to tissue [hypoxia](\)). Chronic, recurrent cases of Raynaud phenomenon can result in atrophy of the skin, [subcutaneous tissues](, and muscle. In rare cases it can cause [ulceration](\)) and [ischemic gangrene](


>[**Image**]( [^(i)](


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