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Ok, I'm a 27 year old fourth year medical student. I hate vaginas. I hate diseased vaginas especially. So I pretty much amnesia-ed my whole ob/gyn rotation and now that I'm looking at my vag with a handmirror after some recent rough sex with a new guy, I freak the fuck out when I see something I don't recognize inside my vagina. And not because I think it's cancer, but because I am supposed to be a doctor (soon-ish) and I don't know what I'm looking at. It is not my cervix.

Refer to [Exhibit A](http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Anatomical_description_-_human_vulva.jpg).

At location E on the picture on the right, just in the entrance of my vagina, is something white/pale, not slough-offable, fleshy and pink, fimbriated, with a hole through it. Is this seriously a freak mutated hymen that withstood the test of time beyond 5 years or something, because it makes no sense to me that any structure is that low down in the vaginal canal, and so BIG. There is no dyspareunia, no discharge, no foul odors, This is not a new thing as exes have told me before of something pale there, and ob/gyns have not mentioned it of particular notice to me.

I plan on meeting up with my ob/gyn soon, but still, some peace of mind in the meantime would be nice.

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Think up of the worst case scenario for it and get some peace of mind knowing that its still treatable !

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