Using Sodium Bicarbonate ear drops to treat wax build up but ear canal is getting crusty

I saw a nurse who flushed out my ears and used a special syringe or tongs (couldn't tell) to get bits out. I asked him what I can do to maintain the cleanliness and he told me to buy Sodium Bicarbonate ear drops and use them every 2 weeks. I went to the clinic's pharmacy and bought some. 2 weeks after the visit as per direction I put the drops into one ear and laid on my side for 10 minutes and then let the liquid drip out and repeat for the other side. No cotton buds were used to plug my ear as I was told that it would soak up the drops. However it is now the third day after using the drops and my ear canal is getting a bit crusty. The first day of crustiness was expected and a lot of dehydrated wax was easily removed with a finger or very shallow cotton bud. I figured that this is how the drops worked. Now on the 3rd day of this crustiness and it starts to hurt when I try to remove any shallow "wax" as well as there being a constant very mild irritation (which occasionally becomes noticeable irritation).

Are the drops working as prescribed or am I having bad side effects to it? I find that it might be a possibility that my skin in my outer ear that has been exposed to the sodium bicarbonate is extremely dry and I am attempting to pick skin out of the outer ear. Is this correct?

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