Ankle pain advice. Should I go in for an X-Ray?

When I was 17 I sprained my ankle playing basketball and tore a tendon. The doctor told me to buy a brace for it and stay off. I was young and invincible though, so after about 3 weeks, I started playing basketball again. Needless to say, I re-injured and had wait till the pain was gone again. This cycle went on for about a year. I then did acupuncture and that seemed to do the trick albeit my ankle was quite fragile and would sprain very easily. I wear a brace each time I play sports now.

I've seen several doctors about my ankle and all of them told me it was just a sprain. I am now 25 and have been experiencing sharp and semi-frequent pains in my ankle. It's happened before but I mostly ignored it. This happens mostly when I wear flat shoes. Should I get an x-ray done to check it out or is this normal for a tendon tear? Thank you for your time.

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You should see a sports doctor.

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