Could Experimenting with weed cause depression?

In the last two or three months I have tried smoking with some friends a handful of times (I think 5). I am a super happy and upbeat person but the last week or two have been strange. I have this undeniable sadness I feel every night. I worry and get anxious about my future and conclude nothing will go well and I will live a miserable life. During the day I feel fine and happy as usual but when I leave my friends and girlfriend for the evening, I lose it. I have cried and just laid in the fetal position for hours. What's wrong with me? Other factors that may matter: I am 18 and recently started dating my best friend in the world and am convinced I am falling in love. Last year I took 6 months worth of Accutane (Isotretonoin) which had strong depression warnings. I have an average amount of stress (College apps, school, piano, Christmas presents,)
TL;DR Can trying weed a few times make you depressed for a few weeks after?

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I haven't seen anyone answer in here since I started a few months back. But you might want to read up on those that think it can to those that think it doesn't. I've also been reading articles lately that states that pot usage during the teen years can cause schizophrenia like symptoms.

It might be worth it to stop smoking it and see if your symptoms resolve.

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