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Forgive me if this is a bit long, but I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible.
First: I'm asthmatic, and overweight. American, if health care system is pertinent info. Uninsured.

In late Oct/early November, I had a cold that lasted a couple weeks. On about the second week of November, I visited a doctor to get a new prescription for ventolin. My vitals at the time of the visit were apparently good, and the doctor thought my lungs sounded clear when he checked them.

After I recovered from the cold, I had a little bit of dry cough that hung on for a couple of weeks. This didn't seem out of the ordinary to me, as respiratory stuff tends to take a while before I feel 100% again.

On about Dec. 1, I noticed that I seemed to be running a fever, and feelings of weakness after any exertion. I know I'm already out of shape, but the amount of distance I can cover while walking before needed to stop and catch my breath has become markedly shorter since the 1st, and this change was very abrupt, coinciding with the onset of fever.

As near as I can tell, the fever largely had subsided by the 4th or so. The onset of fatigue after just a short walk is still there. In addition to this, I seem to have a productive cough again. There is no discoloration in what I'm coughing up, but there is some pink and red streaking, sometimes, particularly in the morning. This may be due to dry sinuses, as I'm also getting some red occasionally when blowing my nose, and the air has been very dry here recently.

Outside of the annoyance of coughing crap up, and the running out of breath thing, I would overall categorize the way I feel as ok. A couple back teeth ache a little, but I have a wisdom tooth coming in. The thing that alarms me is how quickly this seemed to set in. I had pneumonia and a couple severe bronchial infections during about 2003-2006ish, and it doesnt feel like that, but I also am worried about just assuming its nothing.

I'm transferring to state university in January, at which point I should have health coverage through their health services dept. Should I be trying to figure out how to afford another trip to a doctor in the mean time, or does this sound like something viral to just ride out? Thanks for any advice.

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If you feel overall ok, no longer running a fever, etc. I think you could see how you feel over the next few days. If you feel acutely worse, go see the doctor. It sounds like you might need antibiotics at that point. The blood is probably combination from chronic coughing and dry air / heaters running in cold weather. You can try a humidifier.

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