What OTC eye allergy medication would you recommend?

I am looking for advice regarding an over the counter eye allergy medication/drop.

I do not have these attacks often and I do not know what allergen could possibly be the trigger. I have indoor and outdoor allergies but they usually respond to OTC antihistamines. When I have an eye allergy attack, my eyelids itch and burn and the whites of my eyes turn red, burn, itch, and feel dry and gritty.

I have been medicating these attacks with 25-50mg of benedryl (claritin and zyrtec don't help with these attacks) and using Visine brand Advanced eye drops to try and soothe my eyes enough that I don't rub them and make everything worse.

What would you recommend for eye allergy attacks? I hate taking benedryl and the Visine I have isn't good enough. Thank you for your suggestions.

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