UC Patient Suddenly Spitting Up Blood?

So... today, I was up at 4am with Ulcerative Colitis related bathroom issues that involved some mild bleeding (not uncommon, but not a daily occurrence). I thought I was fine by 10am, and carried on with my day.

Then suddenly at 1pm my mouth tasted salty and weird, and I realized it was FILLED with blood, and proceeded to spit up/gently cough up blood for the next 5-8 minutes (fresh, red, blood, and in good quantity), then it suddenly stopped. I felt _weird_ and faint for the rest of the day, and have since slept a fair bit, but...

**How common is it for UC/Crohn's patients to have blood in the upper GI tract, that comes up in the throat/mouth (I'm assuming that's what this is)?** I have no pain or unusual discomfort, no oral ulcers currently, nor can I point to any part of my body (internal or external) that's bothering me.

For reference, I'm 27/F, otherwise very healthy, 6'0/150 lbs, 75% raw vegan, but with a 10 year history of UC/Crohn's symptoms. The only new thing for me is this weight, as I've previously hovered around 120 (which was quite underweight for my height).

I'm uninsured, so I try to stave off the ER visits for absolute emergencies, as once they find out about my history, they quickly want to run alot of tests which = alot of $$$. And as freaked out as a normal person might be, when you have UC you... see some shit (and blood!). So I feel like my compass for surprise blood is not totally normal.

**Go to the hospital, or wait it out a bit?**

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That sounds like a possible stomach ulcer more than Crohn's. Do you have acid reflux or stomach ulcers? How much sugar do you eat, specifically blended/juiced/refined sugar as opposed to a whole piece of fruit? The bacteria H. Pylori feeds off sugar and causes stomach ulcers. It's not something you want and diet is the best way to cause/deal with it.

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