Ulcer or something else?

22 y/o M with abdominal discomfort. Symptoms reached their worst on Wed (11/27) and included severe discomfort between the belly button and bottom of the rib cage. A feeling of pressure in that area, especially noticed when attempting a full breath. All accompanied with frequent bouts of diarrhea. The next day was better but was still feeling off and did not want to bring myself to eat much, however the light meal I ate made me feel better for a time. Friday seemed to be about the same. Saturday seemed to be almost back to normal to the point I was up and out of the house. Sunday was spent bed ridden with much the same symptoms as Wednesday minus any diarrhea. By the end of the day I noticed that Tums helped as did forcing myself to eat. It is now Monday and though much better than yesterday, still not quite right.

It should be noted that Pepto did not provide much relief but chewable antacids really did. WebMD of course suggests cancer amongst other things but it did suggest an ulcer which seems to fit with how I feel. Thoughts? Does Pepto not working but something like Tums working suggest anything? How can I self treat if it is an ulcer?

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Sounds like [putrefaction dysbiosis](http://www.crohns.net/Miva/education/dysbiosis.shtml) What's your diet like? pm me

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