My boyfriend has a broken back and I have a couple questions.

So my boyfriend fell about 18 Meters when we were rock climbing and fractured 3 of his lower Vertebrae as well as two ribs. This is the second night after he has been home after two weeks in hospital and I noticed when I was putting his brace on for him (TLSO/ Hip spiker is what they called it) a large kind of lump on his back. No biggie I thought, naturally it should be a little swollen. But tonight when I was comforting him I was gently rubbing his back and the lump felt like I was pushing on a hot water bottle. He says it doesn't hurt but I'm a little worried. We are in a small secluded town so I can't really just take him back to the hospital (3 hour drive) but I do have to take him in two weeks for the check up. Should I be worried? Or should I just mention it when we go back in two weeks? Also do you have any suggestions for me to help make life easier for him? Greatly appreciated. I can post photos if necessary.

Tl:dr My boyfriend fell while rock climbing and broke his back now part of his back feels like pressing on a hot water bottle.

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I would call his doctor. You don't need to drive three hours just to ask a question.

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Maybe a seroma? I would just keep an eye on it and call the doc to let him know. If he feels worse, has any changes neurologically, like he can't control his bladder or can't feel what he used to feel before, or feels like his heart is beating fast, go to the hospital.

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It's 2am where I am and just really wanted an answer to calm my racing mind. I really don't know if it's serious enough to call now. Like I said, he isn't in any more pain from it and it isn't bothering him. I just want to have an idea of what it is and if it's normal.

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