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I'm sixteen and my boyfriend and I had intercourse for the first time. I was aware that there could possibly be pain during and after engaging in intercourse, but I've been in some pain for a while now. I had sex on a Friday and now it is Wednesday and it still hurts. I realize everyone's body is different but some of my friends said they only had pain for two or three days. I will admit that I did work out on the following Monday that included many stretches that could of possibly strained it even more. I don't think anything is torn because I did not and have not bled. Is there any reason why I should be concerned? When should I worry?

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Was it rather rough sex? Or maybe rather clumsy first time sex? It sounds to me like it could have bruised your cervix, especially if he was equally inexperienced. Is your pain controllable with over the counter meds? Is it a dull, achy, crampy feeling, or sharp pain? I would probably make an appointment soon with the doctor just to get examined if the pain is either a) not improving or b) you start having a fever.

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