I'm desperate for some sort of answer to this, it's literally ruining my life [serious question]

Im going to keep this very simple. As a child I held my poop in and had abnormally large bowel movements my whole life.
At age 15 I recognized the childish nature of holding poop in. I start going every day. Every once in a while I would feel like I didn't go all the way but these incidents were always returned back to normal the next day. Nothing serious. Moving furniture out of my house during one of these bad days my mom makes a comment that I should check my pants because I smell like baby diapers, my dad acknowledges this and I assure them I haven't had an accident and I even check to reassure them. I put this off as just the smell of my sweat.

Fast forward to my senior year of high school and one weekend I go to have a bowel movement and its one of these episodes again, except much worse. I will describe it to you in detail.

It started off as a normal bowel movement but about halfway through things in that area just felt very very loose and there is a dull, aching pain somewhere in the lower pelvic area somewhere behind the coccyx, right above where I think the rectum begins. The poo was very mushy and I could not get clean no matter how many times I wiped, i put it off and went about my day.

The next day I had a bowel movement and my body returned to normal, felt fine, but the day after that the symptoms returned, and have never left. Along with these symptoms came exccessive belching and gas after eating. Also notable is now when I have to pass gas I have to put forth a considerable amount more effort than normal.

I figured I could live with it but it causes me to smell like feces sometimes. I can go into detail on this if you wish.

I have seen multiple gastroeterologists, and have had multiple Colonoscopys, An anal manammotry test, and an Dynamic MRI of the pelvic floor. Everything came back fine and the MRI showed perineal descent of 2.9cm when straining,lying down.

Im prepared to deal with this for the rest of my life if i must but I cannot stop trying to get an answer.

Let it be noted that poop can be found in my rectum at mostly any given time. This all started happening after I had epididymitis, later found to be caused by hydronephrosis because of a congenital too small ureter.

What could be wrong?

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I don't know but I hope you get some answers.

I haven't seen a doctor answer anything in here. :(

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