Shortness of breath on and off for 3 days now. I'm on a business trip for the week. Can I wait until Saturday to see a doctor?

I arrived in San Francisco on Monday morning (flying from New York).

Every time I've had a meal since arriving, I've felt varying degrees of shortness of breath. On Monday I thought it may have been an allergic reaction to the trail mix and yogurt I had for lunch... but it happened again after a small dinner. Yesterday I skipped breakfast and went out with colleagues for lunch. I decided to stay healthy (although I was craving a burger) and a got a salad. I felt some mild trouble breathing after - lots of yawning and big gulps of air. Last night I went to a bar for a burrito and beer, and it started returning. Even after getting back to my room I had trouble falling asleep.

I woke up this morning still not feeling right and have a very mild case of it (I decided to skip going to the hotel gym).

Basically feel like I'm struggling to get air in. I have no history of asthma or allergies, so I'm a bit worried about it. If I was home, I'd cut out of work and go to a doctor, but I'm away and don't exactly want to go to the ER.

Can I hold off on checking this out until Saturday? Or do you think its more serious? I look fine and seem fine to others but I'm definitely feeling it inside. I am not a smoker and never have been.

(I'm thinking it may be due to a sub-conscious anxiety - my father was recently diagnosed with cancer and this is an important business trip for me.... but why does it seem to only occur after meals?)

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I finally went to the doctor this week. They performed a chest x ray and measured my lung capacity (along with other regular check up things). All looked fine. They even said I'm in good shape.

Now for the shortness of breath - My doctor told me that she thinks I was having panic attacks. They're not going to officially diagnose anything until my blood work comes in. Now here's the crazy part - I've always heard folks say they were having a panic attack, or joke that something literally gave them a panic attack. I never knew that a panic attack is an actual medical condition. I thought of it more as an expression. And I didn't know what it felt like. What's even odder for me, although the doctor said this is not peculiar, I was having my panic attacks hours AFTER stressful meetings. She said it makes sense. I was away on an important business trip, probably under high stress and even if I properly mask that stress during work hours, it was understandable that I didn't feel the affect until I was alone eating (most meals I had were solo) or in my hotel room alone. Strange. Anyway, I just wanted to update here to share.

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Hey guys, I'm still fine. And I still haven't been to the doctor. At this point I'm going to hold out until Saturday. Surprised this got a few upvotes but no comments.

I WebMD'd myself, and I originally feared that I had pulmonary embolism - hence the thinking that I should go to the ER - but instead I think I may just have anxiety. It's really odd though - I can go out, have a beer and seem fine to others. Even going to another business dinner tonight. I've never really understood that an emotion could have such physical repercussions on my body. I'll officially find out this weekend anyway.

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You ok?

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Yep. It was a panic attack. I haven't had another one since.

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