Are black dots on the eye normal?

I've had two black dot on my eye for as long as I can remember, but now I've noticed a third and fourth. Does anybody know if this is normal or should I see someone about it.



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For a lot of people, hyperpigmentation in the sclera isn't dangerous. I see one dark spot on your skin, are you freckle prone? It could very well be freckles on your eye.

Since you've had some of them presumably since you were quite little and maybe since birth, it is probably is benign. If you notice any more changes, maybe get an eye exam. A normal eye doctor who prescribes glasses is pretty cheap and can give you some idea if you need to escalate it to the specialist.

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Thanks for the response!

I see an optometrist every year to get a new glasses prescription and they've never brought it up, plus I do get random black freckles every once and a while so i'll assume its nothing harmful.

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