Don't think it's in my head. What is it, then?

I will follow up with my doctors (yet again) tomorrow, but in meantime, thought I'd ask here what the Doctors of Reddit think.

6 weeks ago: was getting annual check ups, which I booked all within a week, so I could use up FSA before end of year. GP ran CBC and a battery of other tests too - all normal. Mammogram: normal. Dermatologist: normal. OB/GYN: normal… except during the exam I noticed it stung a bit when he put the speculum in, and the next few days I had some breakthrough bleeding. I didn't think much of it, since that morning before my exam I had sex with my husband. I remember it also felt "dry" down there so I asked hubby to get out some lube. Hubby and I had not had sex in awhile because he has his own health issues going on. We use condoms and have used them religiously for years.

About a week after the OB/GYN appointment, I started having burning sensation when urinating. It felt like I was peeing out broken glass shards. So painful, I'd go white and nearly pass out on the john.

I went back to my GP. He ran a urinalysis, in office he said I showed blood in my urine and WBC's. No pain in kidneys when examined. He put me on 5 day course of Bactrim. I felt improvement in a couple of days. Tests came back from the lab and I was told Bactrim was appropriate for whatever bacteria I had.

A few days after I ended the Bactrim, the dysuria came back, just as before. Called GP, he did not re-test, he prescribed Diflucan, saying it was probably a yeast infection. I disagreed because it didn't feel vaginal at all, I had no itching, no discharge. But I took the Diflucan and did feel better in a day or so. But started getting night sweats that woke me up several times a night. I do get hot flashes but this was like the hot flash from hell. I'd call it night sweats, not hot flashes. The night sweats interfering with sleep, I became more and more fatigued and just generally felt ill.

At 2 week mark since when this all began, I came down with a sudden fever and massive pain in left flank, upper, right under my rib. Dull and deep and constant and painful. Plus dizziness. It was a weekend so I called the answering service, got a different doctor on call, talked to him awhile, he prescribed a 10 day course of levoflaxcin.

The leveoflaxcin stopped the night sweats and the fever and the burning fairly quickly (within 48 hours). I continued to have tender dull kidney ache but it was improved. I developed new symptoms, including all over flu-achiness in muscles and joints, and lots of fatigue/exhaustion.

Went back in to GP at day 5 of the antibiotic course, he took another urine test, it was negative but I did pee out a clot of blood. He said continue the drug, and thought the rest of symptoms would improve. Also my BP was rather high, which it never is.

Finished antibiotics, was feeling better, flu-like achiness gone, no fever, but then developed vaginal symptoms including strong ammonia smell which I figured was a yeast or BV infection from the antibiotic.

Went in to see OB/GYN. BP was again high. He said things looked inflamed, infected, prescribed metro gel and diflucan, took swabs too. He thought the dysuria could be caused by vaginal inflammation, until I shared that pyridium stops the dysuria.

Also while there, he asked me where I had the kidney pain, I put my hand up on the spot, and patted it. And even though I had had no pain there for a few days, it began to ache again for about 36 hours after that visit. Not horrible pain like before, but a dull mild ache.

I took the diflucan that day. I am on last day of 5 day course of metro gel. I did feel better when I started it, but last night, it was once again painful -- not itchy - painful. Stinging pain. My test results came in over the weekend, they were negative for both yeast and BV. But also, it's hurting to pee again. And no, it's not sensitive vaginal tissue that is the cause, it's definitely in the urethra itself. The broken glass feeling again. Bladder also seems to be spasming.

I googled around. I also have a dx from years back of fibromyalgia and IBS. These are not flaring right now. In fact, I have not had a fibro flare in over 5 years.

I am concerned if I go back to the doctors they're going to tell me "it's all in your head." So, and I know I shouldn't do this but I did, I took one of my husband's Ativan's to see if it would improve things. And it did not.

The Pyridium DOES help.

What are my next steps? What do you think it could be? Could it really be all in my head? Or is something else going on here?

Also, this is the first UTI I've ever had. I also do not have a history of yeast or BV infections either.

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Did they screen you for bacteria vaginitis? I had extreme pain after intercourse, followed by bleeding, and was prescribed an antibiotic that made me feels better within the week.

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An, you did and I didn't read the entire post before commenting. I just found that I had Endrioemetrissis and the meds I'm on have worked wonders.

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"My test results came in over the weekend, they were negative for both yeast and BV."

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I'm still thinking a kidney/bladder infection.

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