Sick on and off for two months.

It started in September, and I attributed it to being back on a University campus -a cesspool of germs and all.

I had a bad cough, sneezing and sore throat with a hoarse to non-existent voice for two weeks or so, then got better. The cough lasted untill mid-october.

Around the start of October, I got a fever and started throwing up. That lasted three-four days. Cough finally went away after this.

Two weeks ago I went to the Doctor on campus, put on an anti-biotic for BV.

Now I've got another sore throat, voice is hoarse/muffled. It hurts to swallow things that are either too cold or two hot, including liquids. Coughing again, and have a pretty bad headache right around my sinuses (stress headache??). This has been going on for a few days. (And maybe possibly related to the flu shot I got last week? I know some people have bad reactions.)

I'm worried about going to see a doctor again, because I feel I've been in way too often this month/october (Once for the BV, and once for the flu shot). Just wondering if I should be worried about this being anything more than me being unlucky and catching sicknesses from other students.

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