Did I fracture my finger?

So here's what happened: in one of those moments where one is certain smacking something will make it work, the remote wasn't working so I smacked it. Not terribly hard but I did.

Almost immediately I look down to see my finger is swollen and the skin in the swollen area is kind of hard. No discoloration. Some tenderness but no real pain. I can bend my finger easily.

What did I do to myself?

(The remote started working at least. And I know, I'm an idiot.)

Thanks in advance.

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Not a doctor, lots of finger injuries and broken bones though. Probably damaged some connective tissue/tendons, but it is probably not broke. Obviously would have to see it, but chances are good that it isn't broken. With a fracture in the bone there usually needs to be a point of impact, not the entire bone being brought down on an item as though it were smacking it. You probably did some joint damage which will heal to the point of forgetting this incident in a week or two. Try not to smack anything else with that hand in the meantime

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