Hoping to confirm that my elbow is ok.

This was my elbow 10 minutes after I it into the floor: http://imgur.com/SaDhkZR

I applied ice to halt the swelling, but because I had to finish my volleyball game first, my arm was immobilized due to the swelling. I couldnt bend my arm any more then in the picture. It did not hurt much during the game, and it does not bother me that much now 24 hours after the picture was taken, except when i bend it more then 120 degrees or bumb into things.

I'm pretty sure nothing is broken, i've felt the bones in the elbow and comparing the injured one with my other elbow. The swelling also steadily reduced in size and the pain has not increased. I have not taken any pain medication. http://imgur.com/cuGADuC

Thanks in advance.

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