Benzodiazepines during blood work?..

Let's try to steer the conversation away from my irrational fear of needles. It fucking sucks, and I've avoided needed blood work because of it. The last time I had a needle in me was to get my wisdom teeth out. I had to be on 2x Halcion (triazolam) which was supposed to be a pretty heavy dose.

**TL;DR Can I be prescribed a benzodiazepine and still have results for a blood draw come out clear? I have an irrational fear of needles, but I really need blood work done.**

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Have you asked the doctor who wants the blood work done?

When I was going to have surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, the oral surgeon write me a prescription for 2 valium pills, one to take the night before and one to take the morning of the extraction. I told the oral surgeon that he would not be giving me an I.V. because i was terrified of needles and would just deal with it.

He calmly ripped up the prescription and wrote a second one for a higher dose of valium and for three pills. One to take the night before, and two to take the morning of.

I was so chilled out from the meds that i actually watched them put my I.V. in.

The best thing to do would be to talk to your doctor. You will need to have transportation to and from the appointment for blood work because benzos impair driving.

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I haven't asked. I should have at my last consultation but that was well over a year ago anyways. Hopefully like you're saying they won't interfere with my results. I've been prescribed Tramadol before and I told them something similar to what you said on your first prescription.

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