how does a steroid epidural injections work for neural foraminal stenosis?

Not sure if it matters or not but 41/f

I have been a pain management patient for several years. Recently we repeated my imaging and found that I have severe neural foraminal stenosis of the l5/s1 with abutment of the undersurface of the nerve root at l5

I am having an epidural injection on the 22nd. I have had a ganglian impar block and SI joint injections in the past with no relief. How is the epidural injection different and how does it help with stenosis? and with the nerve being touched?

On a side note I had no idea that some bladder issues I have been having could be related... ie I have to concentrate to urinate. I literally have to focus and push/squeeze whatever.. in September I had a urinary track infection that my pcp treated.

If I only have pain going down my right leg to my knee and the pain on the left side is limited to the buttocks, is this something I need to bring up with my pain management doctor on the 22nd? or am I fretting over nothing?

there are other things going on as well such as ligamentum flavum thickening that the anticipate I will need a MILD procedure for in the future.

anyways just wanting to understand if and how an epidural could help

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