Bite, ingrown hair, infection?

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Any idea what these are? The one on my cheek started off as a small scab (maybe a zit or something). I definitely scratched it inadvertently at least once. Since then, it has gotten a bit bigger. It doesn't quite scab over as you can sort of see. The skin feels tight around it.

The marks on my jaw (you can sort of see it in all of them, but "three" focuses on it – albeit, a bit washed out from the light) are similar to the one on my cheek. Some dead skin/sort-of-a-scab flaked off today leaving some fresh-pink skin.

The facial hair is sort of a new thing, so I thought they might be caused by some irritation/ingrown hairs, but that doesn't seem quite right from my previous experiences. I also have about two marks (similar to the stuff on my jaw I suppose) that might be related or simply caused by the irritation of my beard.

Any help would be seriously appreciated.

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The ones in the beard look like Tinea, a fungal infection.
And I bet that the bigger one is also fungal, but made worse by scratching.

You should go to a GP for some anti fungal ointment...

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Thanks for the reply. I'm in a colder part of the world, and I noticed that this typically happens in warmer/humid parts of the world based on some simple internet scouring. I'll check out anti-fungal cream, though. Anyone else have thoughts regarding this?

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